Schooling our Lusitano, Vip

The other day we welcomed a group of professional photographers to Quinta do Brejo, who observed how we train our horses.  We recorded this video which we thought you might like to see.  Afterwards there was a dinner with Fado (traditional Portuguese music)… a lovely evening.

The video shows Charlotte riding and schooling our Lusitano, Vip, in a way that is very typical for their work together. Each schooling session is different, working with what Charlotte feels the horse needs at that time – they can be short or longer in duration, work on particular movements or simply on the horse’s gymnastic deveopment. Particular problems may also present themselves during the session, such as stiffness, which Charlotte can then work to improve.

Meet Vip, one of our Lusitano stallions

This is Vip, one of the classically schooled Lusitanos our guests and clients may ride while here at Quinta do Brejo.  The other day, Vip and I participated together in a dressage demonstration, while I was wearing Maestro Nuno Oliveira’s riding coat.

Charlotte Wittbom riding Vip, a Lusitano stallion

Luis Valença Equestrian Art DVDs

The online publication, Tribuna Lusitana,  have produced a series of 20 DVDs featuring Maestro Luis Valença’s classical approach to schooling horses.  Each DVD covers a different theme, including an history of the Lusitano breed, working with young horses and developing the advanced movements. The original Portuguese has been translated into English, French, German and Spanish versions.  I can’t wait to see the results!

Instructions for how to reserve a copy are explained in the trailer.

Classical Riding ‘Weekend Taster Course’ – May 14th/15th, 2011

We invite you to Quinta do Brejo, Portugal for our Classical Riding ‘Weekend Taster Course’.

Quinta do BrejoThis weekend course is designed to provide an opportunity for those new to the classical horsemanship tradition, to gain an insight into its philosophy and approaches. The course includes a brief theoretical introduction, a ridden demonstration and three personal instruction sessions with our wonderful Lusitano horses.

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3 day Work in Hand and Classical Riding Courses – June & Sept 2011

In June and September 2011 we will run 3 day courses combining elements  of our Work in Hand course and our Classical Riding holidays, for those who wish to experience both during their stay.

Charlotte Wittbom wearing Nuno Oliveira's riding coat at Quinta do BrejoEach morning, we will will explore practical, classical approaches to working from the ground – including lunging and work in hand. The afternoons will be filled with personal instruction in classical riding, with our Lusitano horses.



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Work in Hand ‘Weekend Taster Course’, 30th April/1st May 2011

We invite you to Quinta do Brejo, Portugal for our Work in Hand ‘Weekend Taster Course’.

Our weekend courses provide a brief, but worthwhile introduction to the content of our full course programmes, for those who wish to visit us for a shorter time, or those new to classical riding.  For this weekend taster, we introduce classical approaches to the handling of young horses,  lunging, work in hand and long reining.

The course is presented by Charlotte Wittbom and our Lusitano horses.

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