Charlotte is able to accept a limited number of horses for programmes of schooling in Cheshie, England each year.

According to the classical  principles, horses are normally left until around three years old before any kind of handling takes place. Training then progresses at a measured pace, sympathetic to each individual horse’s physical and mental development.

Charlotte Wittbom with Vip at Quinta do Brejo



Cheque fast became a favourite with Charlotte, for his calm mind and willing temperament. He seems to really love his education.   Eventually he’ll turn to a (white) grey colouring.  We think an elegant and very talented horse in the making.  At the time this film was shot, he was 4 years old – 3 months into his schooling.

DANTE – Lusitano Cruzado Stallion

Dante is a young horse who only came in from the fields and started training in September 2011. The first video here shows him in November 2011, the second in December 2011. He is a very nice horse to work with and has taken to his schooling well.

DIAMANTE – Puro Sangue Lusitano (PSL) Stallion

Diamante is really one to watch, we think. A beautiful horse with Veiga blood (one of the most significant and historic of the Lusitano bloodlines) and – as is typical with those from his line – he is sensitive, but he has shown a very good mind. Diamante is the Portuguese word for diamond and we’re certainly taking a lot of pleasure from polishing him.

ESPADA – Puro Sange Lusitano (PSL) Stallion

Espada is a 3 year old PSL Stallion, just starting ridden work. He’s going to be a lovely horse we think.

Espada, 3 year old PSL Lusitano Stallion at Quinta do Brejo

MOON FOX – Spanish Mustang mare  – a beautiful 5 year old cremello Spanish Mustang mare named Moon Fox, who started life in the United States. She’s just started ridden work, has a lovely temperament, moves well and it’s a real pleasure to have her around.

Charlotte Wittbom riding Spanish Mustang mare 'Moon Fox' at Quinta do Brejo

VIP – Puro Sangue Lusitano (PSL) Stallion

Vip is a 9 year old stallion who was very popular with our guests at Quinta do Brejo. Apart from his beautiful looks, he is always eager to please in his work – often trying his full repertoire of high school movements until he understands what students are trying to ask for! He has been in training with us since April 2011.

VIP, PSL Lusitano stallion with Charlotte Wittbom at Quinta do Brejo


We also have a number of our own horses in training (Lusitano, Cruzado and other breeds/types), which from time to time may become available for sale to the right home. If you are interested in purchasing one of our horses, please contact us.

Please note that the term ‘Lusitano’ is commonly used to describe the distinctive physiology and qualities of a particular breed of horse.  Not all horses commonly described as ‘Lusitano’ are officially registered as Puro Sangue Lusitano (PSL or often simply termed ‘purebred’) horses.

PSL horses are Lusitanos whose male and female parents were both officially registered for breeding as purebred Lusitanos, and who have in turn been registered.  Whenever horses are presented for sale by us, on this website or elsewhere, their registration status will be clearly indicated.  Anyone considering the purchase of a Lusitano is encouraged to first familiarise themselves with the meaning and significance of these terms and we welcome any questions.

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