We are able to help you with finding and purchasing a horse, bred in Portugal. We can accompany clients to visit breeders recommended by us, or to view specific horses already of interest to clients in order to help with their evaluation.

Charlotte has many years of experience from all perspectives of the buying relationship. Her career has included working as a trainer for a renowned Lusitano breeder in Portugal; managing a breeding and schooling programme for a large  training facility; purchasing horses for her own teaching requirements; exporting horses to Sweden and elsewhere and procuring and training countless horses on behalf of clients.

When making an investment in a new horse we encourage clients to fully consider the type of horse that will be well suited to their context. Where required, we can assess riding abilities and and aspirations and develop a longer term programme of schooling for both horse and rider. On request, horses can be left with us for a bespoke programme of schooling, during which clients are most welcome to observe and take part in the development of their horse, either as part of a riding holiday or simply as a guest of Quinta do Brejo.

We also encourage clients to take part in the whole process of buying their horse – from the initial consideration of the desired characteristics; the breeder; the necessary checks and certification and the horse’s schooling where appropriate.  Such research and buying trips can be incorporated into a riding holiday if desired.  For those unable to be closely involved or to travel to Portugal, we will propose and agree a clear schedule of activity and terms of engagement, with regular reviews of progress.

Espada, 3 year old PSL Lusitano Stallion at Quinta do Brejo

We also have a number of our own horses in training (Lusitano, Cruzado and other breeds/types), which from time to time may become available for sale to the right home. If you are interested in purchasing one of our horses, please contact us.

Please note that the term ‘Lusitano’ is commonly used to describe the distinctive physiology and qualities of a particular breed of horse.  Not all horses commonly described as ‘Lusitano’ are officially registered as Puro Sangue Lusitano (PSL or often simply termed ‘purebred’) horses.

PSL horses are Lusitanos whose male and female parents were both officially registered for breeding as purebred Lusitanos, and who have in turn been registered.  Whenever horses are presented for sale by us, on this website or elsewhere, their registration status will be clearly indicated.  Anyone considering the purchase of a Lusitano is encouraged to first familiarise themselves with the meaning and significance of these terms and we welcome any questions.

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