Nuno Oliveira at Quinta do Brejo

We hope you are enjoying a peaceful weekend wherever you are. After many days of beautiful warm weather, there has been some rain here at Quinta do Brejo which has released an uplifting perfume of wild herbs and pine resin from the woodland surrounding the farm. To me, one of the most rewarding things about working with horses is that I am always close to nature – the cycles of day and night; the seasons and the elements. Of course our horses sense and respond to these changes just as we do, and these moments of mutual empathy and connection are surely the drug that every rider craves.

I came across this edited extract from a French documentary about Maestro Nuno Oliveira, in which he can be seen schooling here at Quinta do Brejo – the home and stables he built up and which we are now fortunate to inherit.  Those of you who have stayed with us will see how little has changed since his time here.  I hope you enjoy watching the master at work.

Information about the original film “Nuno Oliveira, l’écuyer du XXe siècle et 20 ans après” by Laurent Desprez can be found by clicking here (includes some more wonderful footage of Quinta do Brejo).

2 responses to “Nuno Oliveira at Quinta do Brejo”

  1. Petra Boermans Avatar
    Petra Boermans

    Hello CHarlotte,
    I read your post about your life with the horses surrounded by nature. What a beautiful place and heritage,you must feel very lucky. I have the same feeling being out now spring is here and you can smell the tall grass, hear all the birds and having the horses out again. We can really feel at peace riding in the morning through a still damp forrest. I am happy to find your site, since we would like to visit Portugal again and horses have to be included. We hope it’s possible to stay with you,
    Gr. Petra

    1. Dear Petra, thank you for your kind message. I certainly do feel lucky. And we’d love to welcome you here whenever you come to Portugal. Do let me know if there’s any information we can provide for you and I hope we can meet sometime soon.

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