Happy Easter

Wishing you all a very happy and peaceful Easter. It has been a wonderful weekend here, with warm, sunny weather. It’s made a very welcome change from the snow,  hail and rain that accompanied my recent clinics in Sweden. But nevertheless I want to thank all the participants for making those sessions so enjoyable despite the conditions. As usual there was a lot of enthusiasm, thirst for learning and warm friendship, which makes my work all the more satisfying.

Together with my Easter wishes I’ve also uploaded a small clip to show recent progress with Vip, our 10 year old Luistano. This time we’re working with greater collection as we progress to the higher school movements.

One response to “Happy Easter”

  1. Margareta Westlin Avatar
    Margareta Westlin

    Hi Charlotte! It was really wonderful to meet again – despite circumstances. This time I am beginning to feel that some time in the not so distant future we can begin to dance, my horse and I…
    – To make that happen – I would very much like to visit you in Portugal, to really get the feel on a good horse well schooled. When is the best time? One week is what I am thinking about, and sometime when you are there, and the weather not too hot.
    All the Best to You, and thanks/Margareta

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