The arrival of Dante.

Yesterday was spent out amidst the cork trees, sun-scorched grass and under hot late-summer sun. We were collecting our new horse Dante from the fields. He is a young stallion who until now has had little handling and no experience of being enclosed in a small space.  So we knew we had to plan well and take great care. To our delight, he took the whole process in his stride and after some initial nervousness he calmed and entered the horse box for the journey to Quinta do Brejo. So now he’s getting well looked after while he gets used to his new surroundings. When he’s settled and ready we’ll start work with him. He’s a sweet horse and we think he has a lot of potential. We have a good idea of what to expect since Dante is the full brother of Castor, who was with us in training until recently (see the videos from an earlier post). I’ll keep you posted with his progress!

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