Work in hand course, Easter 2011

Do you feel like getting away over Easter?

We have a few places still free on our special ‘work in hand’ course here in Portugal.

You will have the opportunity to learn all the different steps of working from the ground, starting with the lunging, through to working in hand and long reining.  Of course there will also be Lusitano horses, beautiful surroundings, wonderful local food and wine, and everywhere the traces of the late, great, classical dressage Maestro Nuno Oliveira’s life and work here on the farm.


Charlotte Wittbom and Lusitano stallion in 'Apassionata' Lunging Round Pen at Quinta do Brejo

Please click on the pictures to enlarge.


We hope to welcome you to Quinta do Brejo for this special course that is only concerned with lunging, work from the ground and long reining, according to the classical principles.

Once you are settled and comfortable here on the farm, the course will  begin with a presentation from Charlotte Wittbom – your instructor here at Quinta do Brejo. Charlotte will introduce the classical approach to working from the ground – a holistic philosophy for training your horse.

In the practical sessions which follow, you will learn about how we start young horses; how a range of basic exercises from the ground can then progress to the advanced movements; how to develop a gymnastic programme from the ground and how this then leads to an easier and clearer communication.


Inside Quinta do Brejo Guest Accomodation, Quinta do Brejo

Charlotte speaks fluent Swedish, English and Portuguese, and is experienced in communicating with clients from all over the world. The group will be small, allowing for individual attention for each of our guests, as well as providing an opportunity to make friends and share experiences with like-minded people from around the world. We understand that each guest will have their own expectations and requirements, and our programmes and accommodation are intended to be receptive and welcoming to all.



Friday 22nd April

Introduction, Presentation and Demonstration by Charlotte Wittbom


First steps of lunging and the first steps of working from the ground.


Saturday 23rd April


Practical tuition:  working from the ground


Practical tuition: continuing working from the ground


Sunday 24th April


Practical tuition:  long reining


Practical tuition: Continuing with long reining



Watch Charlotte working with young horse, Cheque, from the ground:



3 Day Course Programme; Six Tuition Sessions; all meals included.

Single Room: 450 Euros per person

Double Room: 420 Euros per person

Non-Rider Sharing Room: 210 Euros per person

You are welcome to stay for extra days of riding tuition. Usually these will be charged at 150 Euros for 2 lessons, one night, including all meals. But please contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

If you require accommodation on the night before our course begins, please enquire. We will normally be able to accommodate you here, or else can help you find an alternative place to stay nearby or in Lisbon.  There are many beautiful sights and experiences to absorb – within or outside of Portugal’s horse culture!



Quinta do Brejo is easily reached by car and Lisbon’s International Airport and railway station are a short drive away.  We will happily arrange for you to be met at the airport or station on request.


Please contact Charlotte at or +351 93 47 56 701

Dates for future courses will be posted soon, but please get in touch if you have your own date in mind.


The view to Quinta do Brejo and surroundings Lusitano horses

Quinta do Brejo, communal spaces for our guests

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